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Via 22.2

Via 22.2 brings the following new and improved features:

GIS Data improvements

  • The Shapes Layer now support the time-dependent display of individual shapes, based on attribute values of each shape.
  • Point features can now be used as data source for the (OD-)Aggregation analysis.
  • The Shape query can now search for arbitrary attribute values, and not only by id.
  • Line-string features are able to show a label text.

New Label layer

  • A new layer allows to quickly place text and symbols to create labels.

Export vehicle trajectories

  • Vehicles’ trajectories can be exported from Via (think “fake GPS traces”).

Other Improvements

  • Custom symbols now support to be displayed in custom colors (tinted).
  • Width of legend can be customized.
  • Scalebar overlay can be positioned by scripting.
  • Via-files can be opened when passed as program argument.
  • Various minor bug fixes.