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Via 20.1

Via 20.1 brings the following new and improved features:

  • Transit Layer
    • New Transit Router available to query transit routes based on the schedule
    • Support for MATSim’s latest vehicles file format (vehicleDefinitions_v2)
    • New Query: Passengers at Transit stops
    • Search transit lines not only by line names, but also by route names
  • Vehicles Layer
    • New vehicle fleet statistics, show the usage and occupancy of vehicles across a fleet
  • General, UI
    • Improved support for UI-Scaling on Windows 10. Icons might still look pixelated, but they are no longer tiny and hard to click.
    • Support for custom color gradients
    • Support for view-specific durations for fly-to transitions
    • easier coordinate query including support for multiple coordinates
  • WebMap Layer
    • Additional Map Styles from MapTiler
    • reworked user interface to simplify management of multiple custom map servers
    • Downloaded map tiles get cached for a few days to improve performance

In addition, there were several smaller improvements and some bugs fixed:

  • Improved display of labels in area shapes
  • Fix issue with recording movies with non-even height or width
  • show a circle when measuring distances
  • add some scaling options to Image layer
  • optional confirmation dialog before quitting Via
  • display of agent and vehicle plans can be resized
  • option to have followed vehicles, agents and points exactly centered
  • querying links on top of a WebMap works again
  • WebMap geolocation works again