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Using Mapbox Maps in Via

Requirements: Map Backgrounds plugin, Mapbox Account.

Via includes the functionality to display maps as background to give observers of the visualization a better understanding of the geographical context of a scenario. Via includes support for various such background maps, ranging from traditional online maps like OpenStreetMap to maps optimized for data visualization with either light or dark base colors.

In some cases, users want to use their own maps, probably matching corporate colors or otherwise following corporate guidelines. Via supports displaying maps from custom Web Map Services (WMS) or from Tile Map Servers (TMS). The following tutorial shows how maps from Mapbox can be used in Via.

Data preparation

  1. Log in to your Mapbox account on Mapbox’s website.
  2. Switch to Mapbox Studio by clicking on Studio in the account menu in the top-right corner. Mapbox Studio
  3. You should see a list of available map styles in your account. If you don’t have any styles yet, or want to create a new one to use in Via, follow the next steps, otherwise you can jump to step 7.
  4. To create a new style, click on New style at the top of the list. New Style
  5. Choose a template and variation to create your new style, then click on the Customize button at the bottom. Style creation
  6. You can now further customize your style. When you’re done, click on Styles at the top-left to return back to the styles list. Style creation
  7. Click on the Share style icon next to your style. Style creation
  8. In the dialog that opens, click on Third party in the Developer resources section and select CARTO from the available options. This will show an Integration URL. Copy it by clicking on the blue clipboard icon at the end of the URL. This URL will be used in Via. Style creation


  1. Start Via and add your data to Via.
  2. Add a WebMap layer and click on the gear icon next to the map selector.
  3. A dialog opens, click on Add TMS.
  4. Enter a name and paste the previously copied URL in the respective field.
  5. Set the attribution. It should at least contain © OpenStreetMap, © Mapbox according to Mapbox’s documentation.
  6. Click on Close.
  7. Select your new map style from the popup menu to use it in Via.