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Via 22.1

Via 22.1 brings the following new and improved features:

Public Transport

It is now possible to analyze more than one transit route on a common network segment, and to visualize the results directly on the map instead of only in charts. In addition, the import of public transit schedules got more robust, better supporting the loading of partially invalid schedules (e.g. including transit routes without departures, missing network routes).


Support of TSV (tab-separated values) files.


Optionally show empty zones withing the aggregation extent.


Network-Export can be scripted.

Other improvements

  • Use activity locations from events if available instead of only from links
  • Custom WMS servers were not properly saved, resulting in empty maps
  • Support GeoTIFF raster images with embedded geospatial information and without separate world file
  • Names of new Groups in the Vehicles’ Layer setup dialog were not always correctly saved