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Control Section

In the Control Section, various settings for controlling the visual appearance or the available data are presented. The controls are organized into four groups, which can be switched by clicking on the different icons:

  • Data Sources
    Add data files (e.g. network.xml, events.xml.gz, zones.shp) to the application to make them available for visualization. Either click on the plus-button at the bottom of the area, or just drag and drop files into the area to add them.
  • Layers
    Add and manage “layers”, visual representations of loaded data. Each layer is typically responsible for displaying one aspect of the data (e.g. the network, vehicles, activities, one shape file).
  • ID Sets
    Manage sets of agent or vehicle ids, which can be used by layers to customize the visualization. Working with ID Sets provides more details and use cases for this functionality.
  • Overlays
    Manage the appearance of overlays over the visualization area, like the clock shown in the top-right corner.