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Via 1.8.2

And another new version that looks like a minor version, but comes with a number of new features and improvements:

New Features

  • Time-dependent custom attributes: Custom attributes can now be time-dependent, e.g. for custom link attributes.
  • Show agent and vehicle attributes when querying them.
  • Households. Support for MATSim’s households, visualize and query them, provide household attributes to persons.

Improved functionality

  • ”Go To Time” and ”Set Speed” now preselects existing time/speed also on Windows.
  • Aggregating Transit Vehicles’ passenger counts on links is much, much faster now.
  • Show progress when aggregating large point sets in Aggregator and OD Aggregator.
  • Improve performance of aggregation of points to Shapes by 30-40%.
  • Improve visual appearance of gradients-chooser on Windows.
  • XyLayer provides legend entries for lines and areas.

Bug fixes

  • Via does not save preferences on Windows.
  • custom attributes for links or nodes are not saved in via-files.
  • parsing of very large times formatted as HH:MM:SS (e.g. in plans files) fails.
  • wrong time extent when using vehicles or agents layer together with other layers, e.g. Xy layer.
  • Cannot add datasets using Ctrl+D.
  • Loading via-files containing WebMap Layers restores all settings correctly.