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The actual buttons on the toolbar depend on the available plugins. But most of the buttons shown above are part of the default installation:

  • Save Save the currently loaded data to a file. This stores all data required for displaying the loaded layers in a file, together with the current display configuration (colors, sizes, etc). The filename of such files ends on “.via”. Note: Storing big data sets can take several minutes.
  • Open Loads the data from a previously saved file. Any already loaded layers will be removed.
  • Mouse for Moving If active, the mouse pointer can be used to move the visualized region.
  • Distance Measurement Measure distances in the visualization.
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom to Full Extent Zooming functionality
  • PDF-Export Takes a single PDF-Snapshot of the display area. Note: Taking a PDF-snapshot can take some time on complex visualizations with many agents being shown.
  • Single Screenshot Saves the current display as a bitmap image.
  • Screenshot-Recording If activated, constantly saves screenshots of the visualization area. The location where the screenshots are saved can be configured in the application’s options.
  • Multi-Format Screenshot Save the current display area in multiple format, e.g. as PNG and PDF and with the legend as additional file.
  • Movie-Recording Provided by the Movie-Recorder plugin, provides an easy way to record movies from the visualization.