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Working with Queries

Table of contents

  1. Invoking Queries

Invoking Queries

Queries can be issued in multiple ways:

  1. By activating the query (clicking on the query button) and then clicking in the visualization area, e.g. clicking on a link or a vehicle. Query buttons typically look like .
  2. By activating the query (clicking on the query-button) and then entering an argument, e.g. the link or agent id, into a search field in the query controls part.
  3. By following one of the query option in a query result. For this, click on the little triangles shown next to query results: .
  4. By a right-click in the visualization area to follow up on an existing query result.

Results of such queries are typically displayed in the query section right to the visualization area. There, additional options are often available, depending on the active query.