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The Emissions Plugin allows analyzing and visualizing the emissions calculated by MATSim’s Emission contribution. Please note that this Via plugin cannot calculate emissions, it can only analyze the emissions calculated by MATSim.

Table of contents

  1. Emissions


Displays aggregated emissions per Link.
Requires an emissions-events file created by the MATSim emissions contribution, and a loaded network.

When creating an emissions layer, make sure to select an events file that contains emissions events. Often, the MATSim emissions contrib creates a separate events file that only contains the emission events, but not the other MATSim simulation events.

Once the emissions events are loaded, a number of new link attributes are available to be chosen for the network visualization: For each pollutant, 3 different values are available:

  • sum per link This just sums up all the emissions of the selected pollutant along the link. Long links thus typically get a higher value than short links.
  • per meter The summed up emissions along the link are divided by the length of the link, assuming the emissions are distributed linearly along the link. This gives a value corresponding to the total amount of emitted pollutant.
  • per vehicle-km This value normalizes the emissions by the distance covered by all vehicles on the link, resulting in an average emission value per vehicle. If all vehicles emit the same amount of pollutants, this value is the same for all links. Differences can only be observed if the vehicle fleet consists of cars with different emissions levels.

The settings in the Emissions layer allows to further differentiate the analyzed emissions, by specifying if only cold emissions, only warm emissions, or both types, should be counted. Also, it offers a multiplicator in case only a sample of the population was simulated. Please note that the multiplicator has no influence on the ”per vehicle-km” value.