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Via 21.1

Via 21.1 brings the following new and improved features:


The OD Aggregator can now visualize relations between zones. Relations are filterable in order to keep the visualization tidy and helpful.


MP4 and ProRes encoding got 20-25% faster, and when converting transparent images to movies, a color can be set for the background.


Scripting can be made interactive (e.g. asking the user for a file or directory), and can work with externally defined parameters for better automating Via in workflows.

Other Improvements

  • Values of Charts in Aggregator and OD-Aggregator (introduced in 20.3) are now shown in tooltips and in queries.
  • Link labels are automatically hidden if links are short, and null-values are not shown.
  • Display of Map-Attribution is customizable.
  • Improved the performance of several public transport related analyses.
  • Try not to open windows and dialogs off-screen (e.g. after disconnecting a second screen).
  • Various other minor bug fixes.