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General Queries

Table of contents

  1. Show Coordinate
  2. Measure Distance

The queries presented in this section can all be activated in the toolbar.

Show Coordinate

When the “move view” functionality is activated in the toolbar, there is an option to highlight specific coordinates at the top of the query section.

This query is quite simple: It allows you to enter a coordinate’s x and y values and display the coordinate’s location in the visualization area. This is useful if you want to highlight a specific location, e.g. for screenshots, but don’t want to create and load a coordinates files with the XY Layer for this.

In addition to only show a single coordinate, it is also possible to enter multiple coordinates, separated by commas, semicolons, or grouped by parentheses. In such a case, the coordinates will be shown on the viewer, and additional display options are available, e.g. to connect the coordinates with a line or even color the area spanned by the coordinates.

Measure Distance

After you click on the ruler in the toolbar, you can click and drag in the visualization area to measure distances between two points. The current distance is shown right in the visualization area while you drag the mouse pointer. A total distance with the sum of all measured segments is shown in the query section.