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Views and Presets

Table of contents

  2. Presets


Do you prepare for a presentation or a movie recording, or need to make multiple screenshots of the same region? It happens very fast that one moves the viewport around in Via, or one zooms in or out to have a quick look at some other region. But how to get back to that fixed region you wanted to have the same screenshots?

Views store the the currently viewed extent of your scenario. So you can define multiple views, e.g. one for a birds-eye perspective, one for a specific intersection, and another one for a certain corridor. It is then easy to switch between the different extents by just a few mouse clicks, or animate the transition from the current view point to another.

  • To define a view: Select menu Views > Save Current View....
  • To change to a saved view: Select menu Views > Jump to > View.
  • To incrementally move to a view: Select menu Views > Fly to > View.
  • To delete a view: Select menu Views > Manage Views....

In the Views Manager, it is also possible to specify options how fast the “Fly to” operation works.


Presets allow you to restore the visibility and styles of multiple layers at once. Optionally, Presets also support switching to a specific View and time, as well as changing the animation speed. This allows Presets to be used to quickly demonstrate several aspects of a scenario, e.g. zooming in to an intersection showing single vehicles driving slowly past the node, or switching to a view showing a larger region and only transit vehicles during the evening rush hour.

Presets can be created and selected using the menu at the bottom of the Layer list.