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Facility Queries and Analyses

Table of contents

  1. Identify Facility
  2. Select Facility Analysis
  3. Facility Charts

All queries and analyses presented in this section require a Facility layer.

Identify Facility

This query can be used to identify facilities, and is the starting point for additional analyses on facilities. To activate the query, click on the query icon () provided in the Faciliites layer settings.

Select Facility Analysis

Requires Facilities Layer, Agents Layer, Vehicles Layer

The Select Facility Analysis is similar to the Select Link Analysis: it shows the routes of vehicles going or coming from a selected facility. The Select Facility Analysis is available from the settings panel of the layer. After clicking on a facility, the routes of arriving agents, departing agents, or both, can be visualized.

Agents staying at the facility within the selected time frame can be put into an agent group. This allows to visualize then only those vehicles, or otherwise filter on those group.

Facility Charts

Requires Facilities Layer, Agents Layer

If your MATSim scenario uses facilities, it is possible to analyze the number of agents arriving, departing, or being at a facility. For this, use the facility query and click on a facility. Next, right-click and select Facility Charts... or click on the charts icon () in the query result. A new window will open which allows you to select the different analyses and modify the charts.