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Via 20.3

Via 20.3 brings the following new and improved features:


Various layers now support visualization of multiple attribute values as small charts. Layers currently supporting this visualization style are:

  • Aggregation Layer
  • OD-Aggregation Layer
  • XY Layer
  • Transit Schedule Layer

Stuck Agents Analysis

Via is great at visualizing and analyzing the agents performing their activities and legs. But agents getting stuck in the simulation during their day are hard to analyze, as they just disappear at some point in time. Via includes now a new, special analysis to figure out, when and where agents are getting stuck in order to help to figure out why they get stuck. The analysis will show when agents get stuck and where they were last observed, e.g. on which links or at what transit stops.

Other improvements

  • Support for *.xyz files (often used for digital elevation models)
  • Transit-analysis “Transfers at stops” can be heavily customized (colors, filtering, …)
  • Define custom default colors that can be easily selected in the color choosers.
  • Detailed link geometries can be loaded from link attributes.

In addition, there were several smaller improvements and some bugs fixed:

  • Support unicode characters (e.g. cyrillic) in Ids
  • Support Vehicle type attributes for Vehicles layer’s colors and size.
  • Support Geopackage-Databases that contain linestring geometries
  • Querying multiple shapes works again
  • Showing Network Differences failed in some cases when two networks with different links were used