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Getting Started

Learn how to get your first simulation run with Tramola.


You need to have access to an installation of Tramola, e.g. by installing it yourself.

Mode of interaction

There are two major ways how you can have a MATSim run work with Tramola:

  1. Manage all scenario files in Tramola and starting runs directly from Tramola,
  2. or start a run on your own outside Tramola, but have the run report its data to Tramola.

The second way might be easier if you have already used MATSim and you have established a workflow to work with MATSim, as it always you to keep most of your existing workflow as is and just augment it with additional functionality provided by Tramola (e.g. Run monitoring and reporting). But in this case, you cannot use any of the scenario features of Tramola (e.g. the scenario editor or config editor). To make full use of all Tramola features, you will need to use the first way outlined above, although it might result in bigger changes to your current MATSim workflow.

For both ways it is possible to either use a standard MATSim release or to use a custom MATSim build which also includes additional functionality like contribs or custom code. This results in a total of 4 ways. Select the appropriate way to learn how to use Tramola according to your needs.

Please note that for the last variant (start a run from Tramola with custom MATSim code), you currently need Administrator privileges in Tramola.

Table of contents